Where first-time managers become life-long leaders.

Managing people is

managing yourself on the outside


You’ve recently been promoted to a management position and you’re probably over the moon with the new gig, feeling pretty good about yourself.
You’ll soon realize (if this hasn’t already set in) that management is a whole different game,
and the skills that made you a good player are much different from the ones you need to be a good leader.
So…why not share this experience with others like you, from different organizations?

OK, maybe it is a support group.

Only instead of talking about personal stuff, we talk about leadership stuff.

We’ll explore new concepts, learn from each other’s experiences, share accomplishments and challenges, fail with absolutely no consequences, gain some much needed confidence and, in the end, feel part of a cool community.

To be honest, you’ll be doing most of the work. We’ll just make sure it’s a fair game and we’re all heading in the right direction. After all, the point of this whole shebang is to support YOU, the real you, in becoming a badass leader.

Disclaimer: at Agora we believe the comfort zone is even more annoying than the friend zone, so if you say yes to this, you’d better be all in.


“With great power comes great responsibility” – Spiderman’s Uncle

Given that this is your first time managing people, you might be feeling the responsibility more than the power. In fact, leadership is about serving others, not having control over them. It can be confusing and overwhelming at times. Together with your group, you’ll learn how to:


15 first-time managers with a leadership wish.

Whatever your long-term plans are, whether you want to climb the corporate ladder, take a risk as an entrepreneur at some point or shave your head and become a Buddhist monk, if your desire is to lead people and to do it well, you should join us.


Two 3-hour workshops/month

We’ll get together every two weeks. One meeting will be a full, hands-on workshop, for the other we’ll always have an experienced guest. Come prepared to talk, listen and collaborate. This is not a training, but it is a drill on real-life management and a learning community. Bring your A game!


Learning, talking, sharing and exploring together.

We’ll define some goals from the get-go, starting with challenges you’re already facing. If we want to hit the ground running, we might as well kick it off with some hard stuff. We’ll have The SUHA Method as a framework and we’ll calibrate along the way.

At some point (or maybe more than once) during the year you’ll be required to do some research on a specific theme and then share it with the group. Don’t worry, everybody’s going to do it sooner or later. We’ll always engage in group exercises, one-on-one conversations and sharing sessions. Sitting quietly somewhere scrolling on social media is not an option 🙂


This is AGΩRA so, as a general rule, we’ll be meeting at ΩMEGA House

You’ll also host an event at your office. It would be cool to see where everybody works. In any case, you’ll be notified in advance about the following meetings.

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